Supporting Primary Care

Published on 2 Aug, 2016

Primary care

Like most commissioners in the NHS, we view primary care as the core component of any future health service. That is why we have worked closely with our member practices to enhance their ability to deal with rising demands.

We created a ‘general practice improvement programme’ and rolled this out across the Vale of York. The programme; tailored to the individual needs of the practices, draws on established theories of improvement science.

Recognising the importance of continuous improvement and training, we also introduced a programme of training sessions for colleagues in primary care.

Primary care commissioning

The new primary care commissioning arrangements are part of a series of changes set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View strategy to deliver a new deal for primary care. This is another step towards giving patients, communities and clinicians more involvement in deciding on what local health services should look like.

On the 1 April 2015, the CCG assumed full responsibility for contractual GP performance management, budget management and the design and implementation of local incentive schemes.