Prescribing and managing medicines

Updated on 4 Apr, 2017

Precious prescriptions

Did you know it is estimated that an incredible £1million is lost each year across the Vale of York through medicines waste alone? 

It is essential that we get the very best value from the money we are allocated to spend on healthcare for the local population. The cost of unused, over-ordered medicines could be used to fund services for people in our community who really need them.

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Precious paracetamol

Precious prescriptions

Wasted prescription medicines

Commissioning and managing medicines in the Vale of York

The use of medicines is the most common therapeutic intervention in the NHS with approximately £50 million being spent on medicines in the Vale of York each year.

The CCG is responsible for making the best use of the NHS budget allocated to health services for our population and it is the role of the CCG to prioritise the use of funds and manage the local medicines bill. To help us do this, it uses national and local policies to ensure that the treatments it commissions are clinically appropriate, cost effective and safe to use. Find out more about how we commission and manage medicines.

Our call for views on policies

The CCG asked for the views of patients and the public on three draft prescribing policies - Policy on Branded Medicines, Policy on Branded Generics, Policy on Medicines that can be purchased. The implementation of these policies could help to save more than £1.5million, money that could be spent on other important healthcare services in the Vale of York.


1764 days of care in an Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) for critically ill patients

8982 outpatient appointments with a Consultant

2940 days of treatment in a Special Baby Care Unit for seriously ill babies

33,333 GP appointments

½ million blood tests

210 Coronary Artery Bypass Graft operations

36 Community Nurses

27,270 hearing tests

1 million inhalers for asthmatics

36 Midwives

78,948 days of medication for people with Alzheimer’s Disease