Our Quality and Nursing Work

Updated on 19 September 2018

Our Quality and Nursing Team lead the CCG’s commitment to ensuring the services we commission are both safe and effective in meeting the needs of patients and providing a good patient experience. To secure continuous improvement and pursue assurance of safety and quality the CCG works within our Quality Assurance Strategy.

This strategy defines what we mean by ‘quality’ in the services we commission and identifies actions and measures to help us achieve this. This helps us meet the expectations of quality and safety set out by the CCG’s own values as well as the NHS Constitution.

We always strive to be open and transparent when developing or assuring services; this strategy helps us to achieve this by setting out the governance arrangements. Our Governing Body is informed of the quality of commissioned services, how we measure this and the processes for addressing any concerns.

In the past year we have secured assurance of the quality of the services we commission in a number of ways. With the help of the Quality Assurance Strategy we have achieved the following:

  • Having a system in place to monitor serious incidents including assessing investigations and identifying where actions are needed
  • We conduct clinically lead visits across our services, whether concerns have been raised or not. We make sure we talk to patients, staff and CCG clinicians to ensure we understand service delivery in action
  • CCG clinical staff attend and contribute to the Provider Trust Serious Incident Panel where serious incidents are discussed and reported
  • CCG nursing staff attend and contribute to Trust Falls and Pressure Ulcer Panels which offer insight into nursing practices and enable us to embed guidance
  • We seek out patient and family voices including working with service user groups. We act on this feedback and join information from other sources to effect change.
  • We monitor healthcare acquired infection rates and participate in post infection reviews
  • We seek assurance on provider safeguarding processes, including staff training and adherence to guidance
  • We communicate with Quality Leads across the system for shared learning

We believe quality is everyone’s business. Our Quality and Nursing Team place local people’s safety and needs at the heart of our services and ensure our commitment to quality and safety is shared by everyone.