Improving access to GP services

Improving access to GP services

There is a national requirement to increase the access to GP services across England and Wales by providing evening (6:30pm - 8:00pm) and weekend appointments.

Some surgeries in our area already provide a limited evening and weekend service but the CCG wants to ensure everyone in the Vale of York is served equally.

An improved service would allow:

  • an increase of same day appointments;
  • the availability of routine appointments in the evening and/or at  weekends;
  • these appointments would be provided by a mix of clinicians such as GPs, nurses and pharmacists, scheduled appropriately to your medical needs.

In February and March 2018 we gave our population the opportunity to think about their needs are and then tell us how they would like the service to be delivered.

How did we engage with our population?

  • Face-to-face events: We held pop-up stalls at York railway station to catch evening commuters, Selby Patient Participation Group, West Offices Reception drop-in session, York College and Tesco Askham Bryan.
  • Email: The link to the survey was sent to our stakeholder list and included businesses within the Vale of York, schools and colleges, GP surgeries, health partners, councils and voluntary sector.
  • Stakeholder networks: We used our links with our partners and stakeholders to promote the survey on our behalf via groups such as Patient participation groups, Healthwatch, Health partners Carers, Voluntary sector groups.
  • Newsletters: An article was published in our stakeholder newsletter, internal staff engagement newsletter and via councils’ staff newsletter.
  • Media: We had an article published in the York Press.
  • Social media: Regular tweets about the survey were posted and we asked our networks to paste the link on their social media pages.
  • Paper copies: A hard copy of the GP access survey was sent out to our partners, GP practices and voluntary sector groups and networks.
  • Website: Information was posted on our website.
  • Working with our learning disability community: We worked with York People First to produce an Easy Read Version, which was distributed via their networks and GP surgeries.

We were pleased to see in the responses that people heard about the survey through all of these channels.


We have received over 900 responses through a mixture of online surveys and paper questionnaires.

What next?

The feedback has been analysed and has been used to inform the development of the evening and weekend service across the Vale of York patch. We will continue to work with our population to shape how the service is delivered, to ensure that it meets the needs of our community.


An update on the new services can be found in our recent press release.


Copies of the survey:

Here are copies of the survey (which has now closed) so you can view the questions we asked our community.