Homeless worker project

Published on Jul 19, 2016

Homeless worker project

Clinical evidence and local experience suggests that patients who are homeless often attend the emergency department when weather gets extreme; particularly in winter, to use as a place of shelter and not purely as a source of medical attention.

Research also shows that homeless people that are admitted to hospital often have a longer stay and require more complex care.

Without the right support, when they leave hospital, many of them risk being discharged straight back onto the streets which can further damage their health and often guarantees their readmission.

That’s why we teamed up with Arc Light; a York based charity, to provide the best care, in the right setting and make available services that support the responsible discharge of medically fit patients who are known to be homeless. We commissioned:

  • Two beds at the York Arc Light emergency room to discharged to from hospital
  • A hospital based link worker, employed by York Arc Light, to facilitate discharge
  • A 24 hour telephone line between Arc Light and the Trust
  • A single point of contact in the emergency department to liaise with the link worker.


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