​​​​​​​GP (in hours) call back triage scheme

Updated on 6 Apr, 2017

The CCG and its partners in primary and acute care are working hard to reduce the number of people who are taken to A&E when they don’t need to go; where the care they need can be provided closer to home or in conjunction with other local healthcare providers who may have known them and understood their medical conditions for much longer.

GP in hours triage is one of the ways this is possible. A direct clinical conversation between ambulance clinicians and GPs to discuss the most suitable pathway of care for a patient, dependent on the type of non-life threatening emergency or acute event that has taken place, is the best way to ensure that an appropriate care plan or pathway for the patient is put in place.

This scheme is a vital component in providing home-based care in preference to presentation at the emergency department (where clinically appropriate) and the CCG is encouraging practices to take calls from ambulance practitioners to help resolve patient care plans and make a real difference to the overall volumes attending A&E, improving the patient flow.

Information for practices

There are several supporting documents for the scheme:

GP ‘in hours' call back triage scheme - Standard Operating Procedure

A flow chart detailing how this new pathway will work in practice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

GP reception staff action sheet

If you have any comments or queries then please email valeofyork.contactus@nhs.net.

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