End of life care strategy

Our new end of life care strategy 2019-24

NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and local organisations have developed a new strategy to ensure that patients receive tailored and coordinated care when approaching the end of life.

The 2019-2024 End of Life Care strategy details the collective ambitions for palliative and end of life care in the Vale of York which have been guided by feedback from local communities and NHS England recommendations.

Maximising the comfort and wellbeing of a patient approaching the end of life, taking account of their preferred place of death and ensuring each person gets fair access to care are all detailed within the strategy and explain how health and social care staff and communities will put these into practice.

Our end of life care strategy

End of life care is the total care of a person with an advanced, progressive or incurable illness. End of life care can last a few days, months or years, continuing for however long it is needed. Our vision is for everyone who needs end of life care to have access to high quality, responsive services that meet their needs, at the time and place where they are needed.

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Our citizen’s charter

This charter was created in collaboration with our patients, community and their families and local professionals to represent what is most important to you for end of life care. Thank you to all those involved.

The citizen’s charter sets out for members of the public what they can expect from end of life care in Vale of York in a brief, easy to read document. The charter shows how Vale of York allows them to meet the ideal set out in Every moment counts – a narrative for person centred coordinated care for people near the end of life.

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Working with our community and partners to developed our strategy and charter

To ensure that we reflect the needs and views of the Vale of York community in 2018 we asked local patients and members of the public to share their experiences through a survey. This was sent our through a press release in the local newspaper, stakeholder and voluntary groups, carers.

As part of our commitment to involving our patients and public, we have held a number of focus groups and open sessions to share the feedback we have already received and ask for your involvement in creating a set of principles to support the care that is provided to individuals at the end of life.

Feedback – what our population has told us

Below are a number of links to presentations and initial feedback from surveys and sessions:

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