2018-19 Healthcare Commissioning Intentions for the Vale of York

We have launched our Commissioning Intentions for 2018-19.

The intentions reflect the views of local people who attended our series of ‘big conversation’ engagement events where we asked the community ‘what is important about local healthcare services?’

Topics including cancer, dementia, mental health, access to health prevention / education and access to primary care services were identified by participants.

Click here to view a short video from Dr. Kevin Smith, the CCG’s Director of Primary Care and Population Health

The Commissioning Intentions, which were approved by the CCG’s Governing Body on 4 January 2018, are the start of a journey of local transformation.

Our partner organisations have committed to work differently to achieve this transformation; recognising that the change needed can be achieved through partnership working. This aligns with the national Five Year Forward View which sets out the direction for the NHS. It shows why change is needed and what it looks like, identifying the need to positively change the ways that health and care are delivered. 

The local vision is to deliver transformation and there are already examples of successful projects such as the development of Integrated Care Teams in York, Selby and Pocklington; that have shown improvements in quality of care and patient experience.

One of the most positive features of the Commissioning Intentions is that they reflect the issues that the local community highlighted at the big conversation events – thank you to everyone who took part and shared their views!

Knowing what is important to the community at the draft planning stage has proved essential and these will help us to develop a safer and stronger community, support key prevention and behaviour change initiatives and reduce the demand on expensive healthcare interventions.

Click here to read the full Commissioning Intentions document. A two-page summary of the Commissioning Intentions is also available.

If you would like to share your comments please email voyccg.engagement@nhs.net or phone 01904 555 870.