Improving services to support patients with diabetes

Published on 12 Jul, 2016

Approximately 17,000 adults in the Vale of York live with diabetes.

Improving outcomes for people with and at risk of diabetes was one of the CCG’s strategic priorities.

A collaborative service redesign by the CCG, local patients, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Diabetes UK and local practices led to the creation of a new way of providing care and treatment in a local care setting.

The Community Diabetes Team is a key development and now provides an integrated support and care network for people with diabetes.

Patients need different levels of support at different times and patients are now able to access the most appropriate level of care in the most appropriate setting according to their need.

Care is also supported by the Your Diabetes website, patient forums and education sessions, both in the community and at York hospital.

Implementation date: October 2014

This work delivers:

  • our strategic priority to improve local outcomes for patients;
  • our aim to provide healthcare services closer to home.

The service redesign makes it possible to:

  • deliver integrated, person centred care;
  • allow patients to focus on self-efficacy;
  • provide robust performance monitoring;
  • continuously improve quality;
  • reduce variation in the treatment and care of patients;
  • provide care through an expert workforce.


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