Public and Patient Engagement Forum – Urgent Care 9 July 2014

In July 2014 a Public and Patient Engagement Forum was held at Friargate Meeting House in York.

The event was an invitation for patients and members of the public to be part of the conversation with the CCG and local authority representatives about Health and Social Care service delivery with a particular focus on urgent care in the area. Approximately 50 people attended and took part in an electronic vote, giving the CCG their opinions and an insight into how they use urgent care services.

Following the vote, there were also table discussions about:

  • Urgent care for the elderly
  • Urgent care for people with mental health conditions
  • Urgent care for young people
  • Urgent care for parents with young children

To read the feedback, download this document and click on each section to read more detail.

An alternative guide to the urgent and emergency care system in England

A&E is often seen as a service in crisis and is the focus of much media and political interest. But A&E is just the tip of the iceberg – the whole urgent and emergency care system is complex, and surrounded by myth and confusion.

The Kings Fund brand new animation gives a whistle-stop tour of how the system fits together and busts some myths about what’s really going on, explaining that the underlying causes go much deeper than just A&E and demand a joined-up response across all services – have a watch