Our engagement strategy, action plan and annual report

Updated on 26 February 2019

The Vale of York CCG is committed to ensuring that patients’ needs are at the heart of everything we do. In order to ensure that we reflect our population we aim to have effective patient, carer and public involvement embedded in our work and in our planning processes.

Our engagement strategy 2016-19

Our engagement strategy ‘Involving Local Communities 2016-19’ sets out our intentions for ways in which we aim to involve our stakeholders and local population.  Engagement is a vital part of our goal to achieving our strategic initiatives and delivering the best health and wellbeing within the resources available.

Have your say about our new strategy:

We are refreshing our communications and engagement strategy for 2019-22. Click here to find out more about what our population has told us and how this will feed into our new strategy.


Our engagement work plan 2017-19

As part of our engagement work we created an engagement workplan, to ensure that we are doing what we have set out in our strategy. 

As this is a working document, you can view the latest version of our engagement action plan 2017-19 and what we have achieved by clicking here.

As part of the work plan we are hosting a series of events and public engagement sessions across the Vale of York.

Our engagement annual report 

Over the last few years we have included information about our public and patient engagement within our full annual report. However, from 2018 have started to produce a separate engagement annual report to showcase our public involvement work and highlight key elements of work. 

As part of our governance process, the annual reports are presented to and approved by our Quality and Patient Experience Committee and noted by the Governing Body..

NHS Vale of York CCG Engagement Annual Report 2018-19

NHS Vale of York CCG Engagement Annual Report 2017-18

NHS Vale of York CCG Engagement Annual Report 2017-18 - short version.

NHS Vale of York full set of Annual reports and accounts 2017-18 - This report makes reference to engagement on Pgs 3, Pgs 7-9, 29, 48-58


Where engagement features within our plans: