Health and wellbeing in Easingwold and the local area

Published on 11 Jul, 2016

Thank you to everyone that took the time to join us at our events on the 10 June and 19 October 2015.

We were able to hear from participants about what is important to them about health and wellbeing in the local area. The views we collected were rich personal experiences of local health and care services and this information is extremely valuable to us.

We collated more than 500 written comments from the notes that the participants provided. We also captured what their priorities were too.

10 June 2015 event

To read a summary of the key themes raised in discussions on the click here.

To read the verbatim comments click here.

19 October 2015 event

To read a summary of the key themes raised in discussions click here.

To read the verbatim comments click here.

What happens next?

As partners, we recognise the need to join up existing services and to build upon the strengths of what is currently available. Following on from our event, North Yorkshire County Council, Healthwatch North Yorkshire, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the CCG have made several promises and commitments to the people of Easingwold and its surrounding communities.

Our commitments

  • To write up and share the messages from the world café events.
  • To share the messages, review the themes and specific information gathered at the event and agree next steps with key partners.
  • To ask the community to prioritise the areas they would like to work with us on from the key themes that were identified at the June and October events.
  • From the feedback received, identify potential projects that the community, agencies and partners can work together on to address and share next steps.
  • To work with NHS England to address specific issues raised regarding Dentistry - as highlighted through the two world café events.

Our promises

  • To facilitate joined up working across partners going forwards.
  • To continue these conversations within Easingwold and the surrounding areas, with partners and with the community.
  • To be open and honest, and share developing plans and next steps.


Post event evaluation showed that over 90% of the attendees either ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ with the statement “I felt my contribution was of use and valued”.  This is fantastic feedback from one of the many conversations we will be having with the local community.



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