Getting involved and talking about health

Updated: 31 August 2017

Getting involved and talking about health 

Embracing the concept of ‘no decision about me, without me,’ we aim to have open, honest, two-way conversations; at the right time with our member practices, stakeholder organisations, the public, patients and carers so they can share experiences with us and help to shape decisions about healthcare services.

We have created several approaches to create these conversations. These are:

The NHS belongs to the people: a Call to Action helps us to deliver our work. Working with local authorities and public health, we will take the lead in developing conversations and solutions that belong to and are owned by local people.

Meaningful public engagement exercises are helping to develop healthcare that delivers the type of services that the local community tell us they want. This co-production approach to develop our engagement strategy ensures we represent the voice of all of our stakeholders.

How to contact us and have your say: