Engagement and equalities toolkit for staff and public

Toolkit - resources, presentations and information for engagement

We have designed a toolkit to provide our staff with resources to help them to assess the level of public and patient engagement that is needed within any project large or small. We use the NHS England patient and public engagement statutory guidelines to help us with decision making.

This process includes tools such as a stakeholder mapping process, guidance for equality impact assessments and a template to address if the legal duty needs to be applied.

These resources are also shared with members of the public who take part in engagement opportunities within the CCG. These include our lay members on committees, such as the Chair of the Maternity Voices Partnership or Healthwatch.


Toolkit resources:

A suite of tools to help staff embed engagement within a project right from the outset:

Presentations about engagement and our population

National guidance supporting engagement


Training and support for our Patient and Public Voice Partners (PPV)

We have a number of lay members who sit on our committees. As part of their induction into the CCG we offer a number of resources for them. As a member of the public you are more than welcome to use any of the resources on this page.


Patient experience toolkit - coaching

In partnership with the Improvement Academy we have been trained to be patient experience coaches. We will be working with our patient and public voices and maternity voices partnership to help with gathering feedback.

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Presentations about the CCG and how we involve the public in our work:


Regular training sessions:

We provide regular updates to our staff to help then with understanding the importance of involving our patients and public in our work.

Embedding engagement and communications within projects: September and November 2018

The aim of this session was to increase awareness of the legal duty to involve and encourage our staff to incorporate comms and engagement throughout any project cycle. It was aimed at our project and quality teams.


Equality, engagement and health inequalities: November 2018.

The aim of the session was to increase understanding and knowledge of the connection between equality engagement and health inequalities duties within the NHS.


For more information about how we ensure equality runs through our decision making, visit our dedicated equality and diversity page

Population health – Vale of York Population

Population helath and inequalities session: 14 Feb 2019

Dr Victoria Turner gave a talk on  our Vale of York population – its health needs, data sources and useful tools, needs of individual wards and how this impacts upon our work/planning and improving the health of our population.

Population health presentation – understanding our Vale of York population, useful resources


Information and where to get data on our population: 

Local sources

Vale of York CCG population health profile:

York population profiles

North Yorkshire

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments

Data sources

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