Consultations, surveys and engagement

Consultations, surveys and engagement

28 February 2018

On this page we provide the list of current consultations that we are undertaking. Please scroll down and click on the links below for more information. We also have a page dedicated to our conversations with our local community.


Current consultations and surveys:

We are not currently asking for any formal views on services. However if you would like to get in touch and give us any feedback, please contact us.

Previous consultations and surveys:

In this section you will find links to previous surveys and consultations.


May to December 2018: Have your say on end of life care (EOLC) services.

We understand that end of life care, also known as palliative care, may not be an easy topic to think or talk about. That is why we are working with our partners to create an end of life care strategy and Citizen’s Charter that aims to improve and further develop end of life care and support services.

Find out more about our conversations with the community.


NHS 70 celebrations and health pledges 2018.

During June and July Vale of York CCG embraced the celebrations. We organised over 20 events with our local communities, health partners, local authorities and voluntary sector which focused on acknowledging the great work of the NHS, whilst raising awareness for our key priorities. This feedback has proved vital in the development of our commissioning intentions for 2019/20.

How we celebrated NHS 70 with our communities: 2018


February to April 2018: Share your views on improving access to GP services on evenings and weekends

In March adn April 2018 we encouraged people living in the Vale of York to have their say on improving access to GP services on evenings and weekends. While some Vale of York GP surgeries already provide some evening and weekend services, the CCG wants to ensure everyone in the region is served equally.

The expanded service would provide more same-day and routine evening and weekend appointments, provided by a range of clinicians including doctors, nurses and clinical pharmacists depending on your need.

We therefore asked residents in the Vale of York area to complete a short survey to help shape how this additional service is delivered.

More information on our engagement and next steps can be found by clicking here.


October and November 2017: Gluten free foods prescribing: public consultation

In October and November 2017 the CCG had a period of consultation to seek views on a proposal to cease all prescribing of gluten free foods, and replace with the visa top-up card scheme, which would be made available only to the most vulnerable people in our community who are least able to afford to purchase gluten free foods (patients on certain means-tested benefits). 

The consultation period allowed the CCG to gather feedback from a range of stakeholders, particularly focusing on the group of people who would be most affected by the proposals: those with coeliac disease and those caring for someone with coeliac disease. 

For more information on the outcome of the consultation click here.


Our Big Conversations 2017

Between July and October 2017 we hosted a number of public engagement and involvement events across the Vale of York to ask people what was important to them about healthcare. Within this time period we arranged and attended over 40 sessions and spoke to over 550 people from within the local population. This feedback has proved vital in the development of our commissioning intentions for 2018/19.

Our public engagement work in the community - Big conversations 2017


September 2016 to January 2017: Developing a new mental health hospital - feedback and results from the CCG's consultation

The consultation gave us the opportunity to talk to the public, patients, their families and carers to gather views on:

  • the proposed number of in-patient beds for adults and older people;
  • the proposed configuration of in-patient beds for adults and older people;
  • the potential site for a new mental health hospital.

Infromation and reports on the feedback from our public can be found by clicking here.