How we provide information in different formats

How we provide information in different formats for our population

We know that not everyone likes receiving information the same way. We try to provide information in alternative formats for our population, so that there is can appeal to a wide an audience as possible. We particularly use our relationship with our Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) networks to help distribute important messages to underrepresented areas of our community.

On this page you can find out about all our methods of communication:

To request any documents in a different language or format, or for any more information please contact us.

  • Phone: 01904 555 870
  • Email:
  • Website:


We produced a number of videos to help give information about key topics to our population.

This series of videos are part of the ‘help us help you campaign’ – to give the public advice about common winter ailments: They appear on our website here  and on our YouTube channel here.

We also produced a number of videos as part of our healthy hearts campaign.

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Audio CD

We provide audio CD to those who request it. One of our members who is part of our virtual network and sits on the wheelchair and community equipment forum receives information via audio CD.

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Leaflets and hand-outs

We produce a number a6 cards on key topics such as 111, healthy hearts – tackling heart disease, self-care advice. These are handed out at events, at Citizens advice bureau (CAB) and through our partners and community hubs.

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Easyread Documents

We create a number of documents in Easyread and will always produce them upon request. A few recent examples are shown below:

  • We worked with York People First to produce an Easy Read Version of a survey, which was distributed via their networks and GP surgeries.

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Textphone service

We promote the 18001 111 text phone service.

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Summary documents

In 2018 we began to provide a summary document following a Governing Body session. Our Clinical Chair and GP members share their thoughts on the meeting and the discussions that took place:

We a also created a short version of the 2017-18 engagement annual report to take out to our population.

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Stakeholder newsletter

For those members of our population who want to remain up to date with information about the Vale of York, we provide a monthly newsletter. This contains information about health news, events and how people can get involved and have their say. Find out more by clicking on the link:

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Using community groups and their networks

We work very closely with our community networks. We regularly have articles in the Healthwatch Magazine.

We could not engage with and care for our residents without the continued support of our community and voluntary sector partners who have supported the most vulnerable members of our population.

We work closely with our voluntary sector representatives to ensure that as many groups as possible are represented in our work with our patients and the public.

We have a huge list of stakeholders and organisations that we work with and use to disseminate messages throughout their networks in a format that is appropriate for their members.

We also work closely with carers groups to deliver workshops, gather feedback and provide information in suitable formats. Click here to find out how we involve carers in our work.

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Social media

We make use of social media,through our own channels as well as those of our partners. Follow us on Twitter at

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Face-to-face events and meetings

We regularly attend and are involved in local meetings and events with stakeholders, the public and our partners.

In addition we hold a number of public facing events and drop in sessions where we welcome our local community to come along and have their say, find out about updates and plans and meet our commissioning team. These range from market stands and stalls in libraries or in the council foyer to taking a bus out into the community.

View our events and meetings page to see previous and upcoming events

Database of meetings and events 2018-9 (link on this page)

Our NHS 70  events

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Local press and media

We have a communications and media relations team, which has developed a close relationship with media channels. Our clinical colleagues and executive team are regularly asked for comment, as well as being recorded for local TV and radio channels. Examples of our presence on radio can be viewed below.

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We run a number of public facing health campaigns throughout the year and use a range of methods of communication.

Multimedia campaign – Help us help you

For many of our public facing campaigns we use a range of methods to reach our audience.

During our time spent out in our community collecting pledges from our population as part of the NHS 70, our population said that they wanted to stay healthy and well. They also commented that they would like more health information and advice information to help share within your communities.

During self-care week in November 2018 we launched the self-care aware campaign,  ‘Help Us Help You’ which encourages our community to take care of their health this winter.

We used traditional media, videos, newsletters, our website and social media channels, printed leaflets and our community networks and links with the public health team and local authorities.  

The CCG teamed up with a number of Vale of York GPs to create a series of self-care videos, to help its population self-treat common illnesses such as cold and flu at home using over-the-counter medicines. These can be viewed here.

We produced a number of press releases and content which was shared around our community networks.


Healthy hearts

We recently launched a new campaign to help improve heart health among Vale of York residents and to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack among people considered to be most at risk.

Through the campaign we have worked with local media including radio, produced a healthy hearts website and a number of short videos, sent out thousands of leaflets, attended events at Selby leisure Centre and advertised on local buses.

For more detailed information on our healthy hearts campaign click here and to view the new healthy hearts website click here.

Our radio presence

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