Developing engagement networks

Building on the visions of the ‘Involving Local Communities 2016-19’ engagement strategy we are ensuring that our work with patients and the public can be incorporated into our structures and operations. You can find out more about our engagement strategy and action plan here.

It is also vital that our community helps us on our engagement journey. We have number of forums and channels where patients and members of the public are represented and help assure us in our relation to public involvement, such as the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) - which group of women and their families, commissioners and providers (midwives and doctors) working together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity care and increase the voice of the service user. 

On this page find out about:

Working in partnership with our health colleagues, the local government, voluntary organisations and the wider community is vital for helping to achieve best outcomes for our population.

We could not engage with and care for our residents without the continued support of our community and voluntary sector partners and we would like to thank all of the organisations who have supported the most vulnerable members of our population.

We work closely with our voluntary sector representatives to ensure that as many groups as possible are represented in our work with our patients and the public.

***Click here to view all our our meetings, forums and events we attend.*** 

Our stakeholders and networks

We have an extensive list of stakeholders and take a proactive approach to networking to ensure that we keep everyone up-to-date on the CCG’s work and enable them to get involved. We have regular meetings with our colleagues from Healthwatch and attend voluntary sector forums, assemblies and events – ranging from learning difficulties and the older people’s forums, to carers’ advisory groups and patient participation groups. During 2017-18 we attended over 100 such events.

***Click here to view a pdf of all the stakeholders we work with.***

***Click here to view all our our meetings, forums and events we attend.*** 

We carry out close partnership worki ng with Healthwatch York, Healthwatch East Riding and Healthwatch North Yorkshire and voluntary sector services, working with them on a number of projects, having their presence at meetings and committees and mutually sharing news and information.

Where we involve patients and the public on committees and forums

We also have a number of forums and channels where patients and members of the public are represented, involved and informed, including:

  • Close patnership working with Healthwatch York and Healthwatch North Yorkshire and voluntary sector services
  • Attendance of voluntary and patient groups at committee meetings and forums– such as the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP), the Quality and Patient Experience committee (QPEC) and our wheelchair and community equipment service user group.
  • Quarterly meetings between our Accountable Officer and the MPs that cover the Vale of York patch, to discuss constituents’ needs.
  • Regular attendance at General Practice Patient Participation Groups (PPG). These are groups of volunteer patients, the practice manager and one or more GPs who meet on a regular basis to discuss the services on offer and how improvements can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice.
  • GP clinical lead – providing a clinical overview and representing the patient voice at the clinical executive meetings
  • Updates on our ‘Get involved’ section of our website – highlighting the areas where patients and the public can become involved in the work of the CCG
  • Our staff's attendance and involvement at forums across the Vale of York - including carers advisory groups, older people’s assemblies, Healthwatch and voluntary sector meetings and patient participation groups

How we hold providers to account on patient experience and public involvement

As part of the CCG’s legal duty, we also monitor our providers’ patient experience and feedback through a number of channels including contract management boards, through our patient relations team. More information can be found by clicking here.