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CCG Assurance Assessment

NHS England has a statutory duty to conduct an annual performance assessment of every CCG.

The 2015-16 assessment of NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) classed the CCG as ‘not assured’ and an organisation in turnaround. This performance rating was based on a period when the CCG experienced significant challenges that impacted on the financial position in the Vale of York.

NHS England has revised its national performance regime and reclassified its assessments to outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate to match those used by other regulatory bodies such as the CQC and Ofsted. The CCG’s current rating of not assured now translates to inadequate.

Helen Hirst, the CCG’s Interim Accountable Officer said; “This rating wasn’t unexpected as it relates to last year’s performance and it is widely understood that the CCG is currently in a financial turnaround situation. 

“Over the past few months we have made a number of changes in the day to day management and operations of the CCG. 

“It is important to understand that the new translation of our performance rating is not a reflection of our current performance; nor is it an indication of the quality of our work and the commitment of staff in the CCG.”

John Lethem, a local GP and the Local Medical Committee’s observer on the CCG’s Governing Body said: “General practice in the Vale of York is of a high standard.

“GPs are actively engaged in the turnaround programme and they are working with the CCG to create the plans that ensure a good quality of care is provided to the people who live in the Vale of York.

“The CCG’s Turnaround Action Plan is helping to tackle a deteriorating financial position.

“I’d like to reassure the Vale of York community that the reclassification of the CCG will not have an impact on the treatment and care of patients or on the services they need.”

Keith Ramsay, the CCG’s Lay Chair said: “The current financial situation is a system-wide issue which compounds the need for the transformation of local health and care services. The CCG continues with its plans to deliver this and aims to regain financial sustainability and return to a positive classification.

“The CCG’s vision for a fully integrated, seamless care system in the Vale of York remains as do plans for the creation of a new facility in York for patients with mental health needs.”

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