Advice from local GPs about staying well

GPs from York Medical Group and Priory Medical Group have created a series of educational videos to help people in the Vale of York self-treat common illnesses at home.

The videos include information about symptoms, advice about which over-the-counter remedies to take and in which circumstances should you seek medical advice.

Topics covered:

Medicine cabinet essentials           Cold and flu           Coughs           Sleeping disorders

Sore throats          Musculoskeletal pain          Ear infections           Anxiety and low mood

Back pain           Fatigue          Diarrhoea          Viral infections           Sinusitis

How to treat flu at home using over-the-counter products from your local pharmacy 


Medicine cabinet essentials                            Cold and flu  


Coughs                                                              Sleep disorders


Sore throats                                                       Musculoskeletal pain


Ear infections                                                    Anxiety and low mood


Back pain                                                           Fatigue


Diarrhoea                                                           Viral infections


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