Stronger together - our networks and partnerships

Published on Jul 19, 2016

Networks and partnerships play an important role in our engagement and involvement of patients and the public. We work alongside these groups to understand local needs, jointly plan, procure and evaluate services.

Statutory bodies

The CCG works in partnership with City of York Council, North Yorkshire County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Ryedale Council, Selby District Council , town councils in Easingwold, Haxby, Pickering and Pocklington and hundreds of parish councils across the Vale of York. These bodies provide a valuable route-in and further opportunities to engage with seldom heard and vulnerable groups.

We also work closely with each of our local authority partners’ Public Health teams and with three Healthwatch organisations – York, North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire.

Voluntary and community sector

Voluntary and community organisations are important partners and help the CCG to reach out to the different audiences across the Vale of York area.

York Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) and Selby District Association of Voluntary Services (AVS) are just two of the many local organisations that play a vital role in the CCG’s outreach engagement work, again providing further opportunities for the CCG to engage with seldom heard and vulnerable groups.

Third sector and charitable organisations

We work closely with a wide range of third sector parties and charity based organisations some of which include Macmillan Cancer Support, Epilepsy Action, Dementia UK, National Osteoporosis Society and St. Leonard’s Hospice.

Providers and member practices

We work in partnership with our providers of acute care and primary care, involving them as partners in engagement events and through more formal opportunities such as the meeting of the Council of Representatives.

Practice-based participation groups (PPGs)

GP practice-based patient participation groups are another part of our engagement network. The Patient Experience Lead has formed reciprocal links with each PPG, providing updates to the groups and directly feeding back themes and information to the CCG.

Interested parties

Interested parties may not necessarily be formally involved in all our engagement opportunities; nevertheless, they are interested in sharing their views and influencing the delivery of local health services and we welcome their involvement.

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