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How we work with care providers and their staff

The CCG in partnership with stakeholders from health, social care and the third sector, support all providers of care and their staff  including from care homes, domiciliary care providers and personal assistants to provide high quality, cost effective care for Vale of York residents. 

Bringing stakeholders together, our forum, known as ‘Partners in Care’, takes place  bi-monthly to share  information sharing and discuss important topics  that help to ensure the delivery of high quality care to residents. This is open to all care stakeholders from the local area and designed to update providers with the latest developments in healthcare and provides an opportunity to influence and collaborate on service and quality improvement.  

The team also working with providers on a number of quality improvement initiatives, including React to Falls, React to Red and Identification of Deteriorating Residents. Further information about these programmes, and news and resources relevant to providers can be found through these Partners in Care webpages.

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