Our vision, mission and values

Published on Jul 19, 2016

Our vision

'To achieve the best in health and wellbeing for everyone in our community.'

Our mission

Using our clinical knowledge and experience we will work with our partners to:

Commission excellent healthcare on behalf of and in partnership with everyone in our community.

Involve the wider Clinical Community in the development and implementation of services.

Enable individuals to make the best decisions concerning their own health and wellbeing.

Build and maintain excellent partnerships between all agencies in Health and Social Care.

Lead the local Health and Social Care system in adopting best practice from around the world.

Ensure that all this is achieved within the available resources.

Our values


Open and clear communication at all times, inside and outside the organisation, is essential for us to succeed. We recognise that the messages we send out need to be clear to everyone who receives them.


We have the courage to believe that our community has the capacity to understand complex health issues and that it can be trusted to participate in making decisions on the allocation of health resources.


We understand that not all ills can be cured. We understand the suffering this causes and we work to reduce it.


We believe that health outcomes should be the same for everyone. We will reduce unnecessary inequality.


We believe in continuous improvement and we will use the creativity of our stakeholders and staff.


We will be truthful, open and honest; we will maintain consistency in our actions, values and principles.


Successful measurement is a cornerstone of successful improvement.


We will use an open and transparent process to arrive at value driven choices.


We strive to be the best that we can be and to deliver excellence in everything we do.


We have respect for individuals, whether they are patients or staff colleagues; we respect the culture and customs of our partner organisations



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