Our Governance structure

Updated on 26 November 2018

We aim to serve the needs of the entire community and we report and explain the decisions we make on behalf of the community in a responsive and appropriate way.

Our governance structure provides the transparency, inclusiveness and effectiveness we have promised to deliver as an accountable organisation.

Council of Representatives

  Dr Nigel Wells

  Chair of the Council of Representatives





The Council of Representatives are clinical representatives that have been nominated by each practice. Each clinical representative also has a named, clinically qualified deputy that attends the meetings in the absence of the main representative.

The Council is a closed meeting that takes place bi-monthly with one meeting being the CCG’s AGM.

The primary duties of the Council of Representatives

- Engage with the clinical commissioning process to provide local intelligence to inform commissioning decisions.

- Support the development of a local healthcare strategy that fits the needs of the local population.

- Support the Governing Body in the managing, monitoring and redesigning of service delivery to meet local healthcare needs.

Our Governing Body  

  Dr Nigel Wells

  Clinical Chair of the Governing Body





The Governing Body plays a central role in the organisation. It has responsibility for ensuring that we operate effectively, efficiently and in accordance with our principles of good governance.

Audit Committee

    Phil Goatley

                                              Chair of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee has delegated responsibility from the Governing Body for the oversight of:

  • integrated governance;
  • risk management and internal control;
  • internal audit, external audit;
  • reviewing the findings of other significant assurance functions;
  • counter fraud and security management;
  • financial reporting.

Quality and Patient Experience Committee

  Keith Ramsay

  Chair of the Quality and Patient Experience Committee


Public engagement and patient experience is formally reported through the Quality and Patient Experience Committee (QPEC). Minutes and key actions feed into the Governing Body through a standing item on the agenda presented by the Chief Nurse.

The QPEC meeting is held every two months and focuses on the quality of services, patient engagement and experience.

To ensure that the service user voice is at the heart of every meeting, each meeting begins with a patient story .  A local Healthwatch representative sits on the group which is chaired by a Lay Chair.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

  Keith Ramsay

  Chair of the Primary Care Commissioning Committee


The Primary Care Commissioning Committee is responsible for overseeing how the CCG implements the NHS General Practice Five Year Forward View strategy for primary care services across the Vale of York.

It is an opportunity for patients, communities and clinicians to be involved in deciding what local primary care health services should look like.

Finance and Performance Committee

  David Booker

  Chair of the Finance and Performance Committee



The Finance and Performance Committee ensures that the CCG had strong contractual and quality performance, clinically appropriate and safe services and ensures that this is delivered within the financial plan.

Where the Committee deems necessary, matters of concern are escalated to the Governing Body.  Safeguarding and child protection policies / procedures are standing items on the agenda.

Remuneration Committee

  Keith Ramsay

  Chair of the Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee has delegated authority from the Governing Body to determine pay and remuneration of CCG staff. This includes:

  • development pay;
  • the use of Recruitment and Retention Premiums;
  • annual salary awards where applicable;
  • allowances under any pension scheme;
  • severance payments (seeking HM approval as appropriate);
  • receipt and review of new policies and instructions relating to remuneration.

Committee meetings - Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for all the CCG's committees can be found here

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