Improving outcomes and reducing inequalities

Published on 19 Jul, 2016

We are aware that unhealthy behaviours, such as smoking, physical inactivity, poor diet, alcohol, substance misuse and stress are responsible for a significant proportion of our disease burden. To change these behaviours requires a long term commitment.

That is why; in addition to offering tailored and individual support services, we will work with our Health and Wellbeing Board partners in the City of York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire to create an environment that makes healthier choices easier. We will take a holistic approach to reducing health inequalities by:

  • considering the impact on health inequalities in every decision we make and every policy we deliver;
  • allocating our resources to where they are needed most;
  • working in an integrated way for individuals and communities who suffer poorer health outcomes;
  • working with individuals/communities to develop community based solutions to improving the health and wellbeing of our population.

We will also use smarter approaches to promote health and wellbeing messages through:

  • joint campaigns with our partners;
  • using our understanding of our communities to target messages;
  • adopting innovative techniques to actively engage our communities;
  • utilising ‘health champions’ to outreach vulnerable people rather than expecting them to come to us.


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