Patient Group Direction

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) consists of a legal framework allowing some health care professionals to supply and administer medicines to groups of patients that fit the criteria laid out in the PGD. A health care professional could supply and/or administer a medicine directly to a patient without the need for a prescription or an instruction from a prescriber. PGDs allow the supply and administration of specified medicines to patients who fall into a group defined in the PGD.

The PGDs listed below have been authorised by NHS England – North Region (Yorkshire & the Humber).
Each GP practice using this PGD should formally adopt it via a signature from the practice's governance lead or lead practitioner.

Each GP practice is required to keep the signed copy and ensure all health professionals who will be working under it are authorised and have signed the final page (appendix B) of each PGD.

 Childhood vaccinations

 Infanrix IPV Hib / Pediacel

 Infanrix IPV / Repevax

 Revaxis (Td/IPV)


 Hib/Men C




 Inactivated Flu

 Fluenz Tetra


 Pneumococcal Polysaccharide  Vaccine (PPV)

 Prevenar 13

 Meningitis C

 Meningococcal Group C Conjugate Vaccines (Menjugate Kit® NeisVAc-C® to infants under One Year of Age.

 Hepatitis A

 Avaxim/ Epaxal/ Harvix Monodose/ Vagta Paediatric/ Harvix junior monodose

 Hepatitis A + B

 Hepatitis A + B
NOTE: Harrogate and Rural District CCG and Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG have decommissioned the combination Hepatitis A and B vaccine for travel purposes.

 Hepatitis A + typhoid

 Hepatyrix / Viatim





 Pertussis immunisation for pregnant women

 Pertussis in Pregnancy
 Hepatitis B



 Engerix Paediatric

 Meningitis ACW135Y

 Menveo Nimenrix

 Meningitis B


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